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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Press Snippets: The Spot on Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan 2010 Album Release Date July?

Turkish music label DMC rep Samsun Demir's Twitter account has been busy again, with talk of the release date for Tarkan's highly anticipated 2010 album.

In response to followers pushing for a release date, Demir tweets that a date will be made available "this week" and that "Tarkan says July".

Listening to Tarkan

In an interview with a German born Turkish author published in the European print of Turkish paper Hürriyet when asked whether she listened to Turkish music, 19-year-old Melda Akbaş responded that she didn't follow the latest artists, but did listen to Tarkan.

"I still listen to Tarkan, he's a memento from my childhood," she said.

Elsewhere in paper Hakimiyet-i Milliye, an article by Ozan Camcı briefly mentions Tarkan in his criticism of the way Turkish youth is being educated.

"If only someone could say to me: Ozan we are 72 million people [in Turkey]. Out of these [we've produced] 10 Nobel winners, 23 international sporting heroes, 40 educational professors teaching around the world's important schools... or the like. All we've managed even if in the short term is ... 3 or 4 footballers, a little bit of Tarkan... Do you see what I mean?" he writes.

Meanwhile, a Milliyet blogger is complaining about the state of the young, too, with the criticism that they are far too preoccupied with celebrity.

"[We have] a youth that can't break out of the circle that Tarkan shakes his ass in," the blogger opines.

Moving on, a magazine portal claims that Turkish singer-songwriter Serdar Ortaç "is catching up" with Tarkan, with the purported news surrounding the high fees he is asking for his shows.

"Asking for £130,000 TL for a show, Ortaç has come a step closer to Tarkan," the article writes.

Composing Gossip on Tarkan

Hürriyet variety reporter Onur Baştürk tells his readers in a recent column of gossip that recently emerging singer/songwriter Soner Sarıkabadayı had sent a song for Tarkan to sing, but that the megastar had turned down his offer.

"There's nothing untoward in that until we learn why he refused the song. Not because he didn't like it. For a totally different reason: Because he didn't want to sing a song from a composer who gives his songs to everyone...According to the gossip, this is Tarkan's reason," Hürriyet reporter Baştürk writes.

UPDATE: Tarkan music producer denies song refusal gossip >>

Sarıkabadayı has had some success in the Turkish music industry of late, most notably for reviving Sertab Erener's flagging career by injecting new life into her pop repertoire.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in a recent interview with campy bar singer Fatih Ürek, the singer has reiterated the claim made in 2009 that Tarkan was prepared to compose a song for Ürek, which he is planning to put in an album set for release next year.

"I want to do a new album in 2011. [I have a promise from Tarkan] ... he says he wants to do something suitable for me," Ürek is quoted as saying in paper Sabah.

Finally, Spot Haber has run an article on celebrities and the side-effects to fame.

Writing about how the introduction to fame begins "sweetly" but then comes the downfall of drugs, the article does not fail to add Tarkan into the list of Turkish celebrities that have either been jailed, or arrested under suspicion of drug use.

Tarkan had been taken into custody following an anti-drug sting earlier this year, but had been released pending trial.

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