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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan Reports Extra

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

"I Warned Tarkan"

Turkish musician Özdemir Erdoğan - who declared Tarkan's fame an illusion in an interview last year - talked about his warnings for the Turkish megastar in paper Bugün.

Speaking to correspondent Bilal Özcan on his show for Kanaltürk, Erdoğan expressed that Tarkan was amongst his favourite artists.

He described Tarkan as the second biggest [Turkish music idol] to come after [popular Turkish classicist, the late] Zeki Müren before saying, "I used to constantly warn Tarkan, but he never listened to me, and our media always took this as criticism.

"Tarkan's biggest mistake was to try and play it international. The attempt is a very worthy one, and should be applauded. However, Tarkan didn't sing his own music in the international arena. He tried to sing them their own music, and they didn't want that."

In a more detailed publication of the report, Erdoğan went on to say, "In the way that different cultures make themselves known in our country, we need to make attempts to introduce our culture outside our borders, too."

Blaming US music giant Atlantic Records and its Turkish founders for wasting Tarkan's time and money, "But talented people in this country that try to do something in the international arena are always unlucky," the musician said, although he stressed that it wasn't too late for Tarkan to make it big again.

"In my opinion if Tarkan finds good songs to go with his soft, beautiful voice, he can still reach his old popularity in Turkey and in countries with large Turkish communities such as Germany and Holland, Russia and Europe.

"His wanting to go international was far too early for him. But because he was given hope too early on, his expectations were too much.

"Ultimately, I blame the people that filled him with such hope and didn't back up their promises ... This is the real trap [laid for Tarkan]. Otherwise that boy would have naturally developed on his own way with his beautiful songs, always loved, respected and listened to and would have succeeded."

Musician Erdoğan was also asked whether the drugs issue was the result of a "mental breakdown", to which Erdoğan replied he felt it was "very significant" that there were two businessmen and two reporters with Tarkan when he was arrested, suggesting there were deeper issues involved.

No Mention of Tarkan

In a report with Tarkan's ex-backing singer Murat Boz, published in newspaper Star, Tarkan is mentioned as always as the singer's previous employer, but Boz makes no mention of the Turkish megastar himself.

Although Boz had been tweeting favourably about his old boss' comeback via his Twitter account recently, the ex-backing singer fails to mention Tarkan's latest track "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") when asked for favourite summer hits this year.

Making it Big with Tarkan

Zaman Online reports that business journal Ekonomist reporter Levent Gökmen Demirciler has won an award for an article on an entrepreneur that made it big by starting out selling Tarkan finger cymbals in 2001.

The 2nd annual Turkish Financial Press Association Awards were held to reward the best in the industry.

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