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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Musician Gaga Dead at 44

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

Tarkan in the studio with Yaşar Gaga/Instagram

In shock news released today, music producer and close confidant to Turkish pop icon Sezen Aksu, musician Yaşar Gaga is said to have passed away due to medical complications.

Most reports write that Aksu's old backing singer, long-term friend and then manager, Gaga died after a month in hospital with the primary adrenal gland disease known as Cushing syndrome.

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Gaga, whose sudden death has rocked his community, was known for his recent contributions to pop music by his ability to get Turkish pop's greatest names together for album collaborations.

On his Instagram account, the musician had posted a picture with Tarkan and Aksu first in the studio in 2014, which would eventually sow the seeds for what was described as the pop powerhouse duo's first singing collaboration in 2017.

In what was proclaimed as the "duet of the year", the song "Ceylan" was released from Gaga's album Alakasız Şarkılar, released under Poll Production's ticket with two different arrangements by Kivanch K and Mustafa Ceceli.

Noted for its socio-political lyrics about the senseless death of a young Kurdish girl, the Aksu song was reported about as far back as 2010, rumoured to have been considered for Tarkan's studio release of that year.

Gaga is said to leave behind a devastated Aksu, who had been friends since the nineties.

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