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Saturday, March 10, 2018

News Snippets: Even More Tarkan

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

Buzzing with excitement over Turkish pop megastar Tarkan's upcoming German shows kickstarting at the end of this month, the Turkish showbiz press have covered his recent social media shares on the sudden death of musician friend Yaşar Gaga, and this year's Women's Day.

In wide coverage given to Gaga's funeral, Turkish music icons Tarkan and Gaga's closest friend Sezen Aksu were noticeably absent, however a host of stars flocked to pay their last respects reflecting how liked and admired Gaga had been in his community.

Names amongst the mourners reported was Tarkan's historic pop rival Mustafa Sandal, actor and comedian Cem Yılmaz, pop diva Ajda Pekkan and Tarkan's long time friend, music producer Ozan Çolakoğlu.

Gaga left behind both parents and a sister, and was described as someone who never became really famous, but was the friend of the famous. It was Gaga who introduced music engineer and pop artist Mustafa Ceceli to Aksu, giving Ceceli his first big break in the industry. Ceceli was among the mourners.

Continuing with entertainment news, an article in the Milliyet's online supplement Mola has asked why reactions to showbiz developments are so cynical. Touching on Sandal's recent split with his Serbian wife and Tarkan's baby announcement, the columnist took to task the social media critical reactions over both scoops.

"On both completely different issues ... the same reaction. All we do is find fault. But surely we should simply be sad for one and happy for the other," the Mola article suggests.

Covering the birth elsewhere, Sabah correspondent Ayşe Özyılmazel wrote that contrary to the negative reaction over Tarkan's video, she found it "sweet, sincere, romantic and exciting".

Kudos laden, Özyılmazel's article questioned however whether people should be buying presents for women just because they are with child. In her column, she cited a girlfriend who frowns on baby shower gifts as "a reward" for being pregnant.

Underlining the excitement generated by the baby news meanwhile, music engineer Çolakoğlu's wife, pop singer Gülşen has also given her opinion on Tarkan's impending fatherhood to reporters after one of her shows.

Published on showbiz wires, Gülşen said that she was ecstatic over the news, and that it meant a brother or sister was coming for her own baby boy.

"You hope for the best and a healthy delivery... We're really excited waiting for our baby. I'm going to suggest some names," Gülşen said.

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On other female artists coming out in praise of Tarkan, an interview with a homegrown artist promoting her new album, Kurdish singer İntizar has said Tarkan, like diva Pekkan, is a true star.

"Under the radar or right in the public eye, Tarkan is Tarkan. He's a star. He has that quality," she said in an interview published in the Hürriyet.

Returning back to music, another female artist, 60 year-old Yeliz has mentioned Tarkan in an interview, to say he is the only celebrity she hasn't met yet in the industry. She said that she admired his energy and modest manner, describing him as the country's "only star".

Columnist, music critic, musicologist and Turkish pop archivist Naim Dilmener has supported Yeliz in a recent article in her return with a song penned by late poet and lyricist Aysel Gürel - who Dilmener says continues to enrich pop music even after her death.

Undoubtedly the most "beautiful example of this is Tarkan's "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike")," Dilmener wrote, which the megastar released in 2010.

News anchor and journalist İrfan Değirmenci has the final Tarkan mention of this showbiz selection, for a piece he wrote in Turkish left-wing daily paper Birgün. After being sacked from his TV job because of his anti-government stance, he took his story to the stage.

The article writes that Değirmenci's mum advised him to copy Tarkan for his show, as he is the most famous celeb in the country. Following his mum's advice, he "practised Tarkan's grooves" to spice up his show.

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