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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

News Snippets: Tarkan's Baby Buzz

Posted by Hatice Soylu from Istanbul, Turkey

In the latest showbiz news doing the rounds around Turkish pop's megastar, is the story that "close sources" to Tarkan have confirmed his wife is pregnant to a baby girl.

The artist hasn't officially confirmed the gender of the new addition to his family, but domestic and foreign press sources are claiming that Tarkan is preparing for a daughter.

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A leading commercial newspaper from Essen, Germany, published by Funke Mediengruppe, the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung has also run with unconfirmed reports that Tarkan is set to be a proud father to a little daughter. Munich-based tabloid, the tz (for Tageszeitung, German for daily newspaper) has picked up the story. Both quote a CNN Türk story as the source.

Elsewhere, Germany's celebrity magazine InTouch has updated its news catalogue of the stars and starlets, with the news of baby girl for Tarkan.

The couple are preparing to give birth in Germany, where both Tarkan and his wife were born, reports say.

Tarkan's "Hot" Connections

In other news, an article in the celebrity supplement of paper Milliyet claims that streaming site Spotify's monthly streaming stats show Tarkan has more listeners in Mexico City than in the Turkish cities of Bursa and Antalya.

The city is fourth in the list - after Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara - and this continued love affair is said to have triggered concert offers from Mexican organisers eager to bring Tarkan back to Latin America.

Tarkan visited Mexico in 2000, after his Şımarık song (1997, "Ölürüm Sana") charted off the Universal Latino release of his self-titled "Tarkan" album, going platinum. He gave interviews where he said he was helping to "provoke Turkish youth" he saw as repressed.

Meanwhile, in a report for the paper Hürriyet, Romanian singer Inna has mentioned Tarkan again, reiterating that she would like to do a duet with Turkey's megastar.

The singer, who enjoys a large following in Turkey since her breakout track "Hot", has said she has grown up listening to Tarkan, whom she describes as a "world star".

She added that although she had no plans to sing with a Turkish artist, if a project did materialise in the future, she hoped it would be with Tarkan.

Talking Tarkan

Next up is the media reaction to a columnist hailing newcomer Edis as the "new Tarkan" last week. The London-born pop newbie has just released his first album after a series of successful singles, having signed with the megastar's current label DMC.

Five celeb journos at the Habertürk entertainment desk are in agreement that Edis is the injection of "fresh blood" Turkish pop needs, and that he is playing to "Tarkan standards".

However, the team warns that Edis needs to be Edis and not another Tarkan, even if comparisons are likely to be made, and that only time would tell if his successes could equal or surpass the megastar's musical mojo.

Another Habertürk columnist, İpek Durkal in her own column warned not to compare Edis with Tarkan as they were nothing alike, and it was an injustice to Edis.

And finally, Turkish diva Bülent Ersoy has spoken to reporters during a show about Tarkan and their recent collaboration in the studio.

Revealing that the megastar contacted the transsexual diva as soon as he was back in the country, she said she had felt sorry for chiding his absence after he told her he had finished the cut of their song.

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"I have to confess feeling spoiled, the song is amazing... he did all the work. I felt so guilty for scolding him," she said.

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