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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Tarkan's Third Single Video

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

Third Tarkan video release comes with controversy

Turkish streaming site fizy dropped Tarkan's third video single "Çok Ağladım" on 20 April, a day later than the date initially shared by Turkish pop's megastar.

Directed by İrfan Yıldırım and produced by 2012 Productions, the video reportedly took two days to film in what has been described by celebrity wires as a "hectic filming schedule".

The music video sees a hooded Tarkan take a night trek through Istanbul's dark landscape of urban streets, empty forests and desolate shores, as the third video drop off 10 showcases the darker side of loss and regret.

The third video comes after the iconic pop star smashed a path through the charts last summer to a frenzied "Yolla", which he followed by this winter's tear-jerker "Beni Çok Sev".

"Çok Ağladım" was composed by Murat Matthew Erdem with lyrics by Ayça Z. Aydın, lead singer of Miya.

TV Coverage and a Two Week Exclusive

Similar to the megastar's other video releases off 10, current Tarkan sponsor fizy has the video exclusively available for its subscribers for two weeks, before it is given a wider release online.

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Providing wider promotional coverage of its services, the streaming platform uploaded a TV spot advertising the video on its special Tarkan page, in a site update two days prior to release.

On the back of the official teaser shared online, wide coverage was given to the anticipated release on 18 April.

Excerpts from the video were aired on daytime TV in Turkey on its release.

Piracy Claims Hit Tarkan Again

Ahead of a wider release, however, celebrity commentators have criticised the video for being "too dark", while touching upon claims of piracy.

A controversy in danger of becoming a habit with Tarkan's 2017 album release, the TV coverage revealed a repeat of the piracy controversy that plagued Tarkan's second drop "Beni Çok Sev".

This time, a Turkish music producer has claimed the music to "Çok Ağladım" was "stolen" from a 2015 track written 15 years ago.

The claim of theft hit the Turkish celebrity headlines in addition to the wide coverage given on daytime TV on the day of the video's release.

The hosts of popular daytime celeb gossip show "Duymayan Kalmasın" recognised the signature "Sandal Sound", but was not privy to the history behind the track.

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The music producer and composer in question, Volga Tamöz has claimed he warned Tarkan that the music to his track was lifted from a song Tamöz had written 15 years ago for Tarkan's pop rival Mustafa Sandal.

It was never released by Sandal, but was released by a lesser known Turkish artist, who also disputed ownership. Tamöz won a legal battle in 2011, and released his own version in 2015.

After Tarkan raised the disputed song's profile with a music video, Tamöz decided to break his professional silence and blast the megastar on social media for knowingly allowing the "Çok Ağladım" theft.

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