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Monday, May 15, 2006

Tarkan in Disney's Hercules

Shaun Chung from Taiwan asks:

Hello Ali,

I am a new Tarkan fan from Taiwan and I'm wondering if you can help me to find some information about Tarkan. I tried to research by myself on the Internet, but I don't understand Turkish and English is also not my first language, so I have a very hard time to find the information. Thank you very much for helping me.

I am also a fan. It's very exciting for me to know that Tarkan had dubbed the Turkish version of Disney's Hercules. I followed your link on your blog and bought the German Hercules DVD from It was very nice to hear Tarkan's voice as Hercules.

(In regard to Tarkan's time as Disney's Hercules, he dubbed the official Turkish version and sang the song "Go The Distance" as "Yolumdayım" (On My Way), in 1998.)

So here are some questions I have that I hope you can help me...

(I have summarised the questions that Shaun asks, and try to give suitable answers below.)

1. Does the German Special Edition DVD have a Tarkan music video?
I do not know if it ever had one, as some versions still show details of Tarkan's music video, but I do know that the ones sold now do not have a music video, as I bought the DVD from Amazon. I requested Amazon to change the details of that page so other people wouldn't be misled. They changed it, but some sites that took the description from the old Amazon page have not updated their descriptions to synchronize with Amazon.

2. Does such a music video exist?
I give an answer based on memory and one link. Yes, I remember seeing the music video once on TV in 1998, but never again after that. As with similar Disney projects, it showed Tarkan singing at a microphone, while scenes from the animation film played out in the background. Imaj studios in Turkey undertook the recording and dubbing, and they provide a credit page that shows a clip from the video. Note however that the site misspells the song's title. It is not "Yolundayım", but should be "Yolumdayım".

This video is going to be hard to find unless someone somewhere happened to record it or has a DVD version that actually contains the video.

3. Was the soundtrack released in CD or cassette only?
I do not have the soundtrack album. However, if we analyse the descriptions of the album from Turkish newspapers archived from 1998, and understand that in that year every music project released would usually be in a CD format too, it is safe to assume that there was a CD release. Plus available album art on the Net is from a CD (see pic).

Turkish newspaper Hürriyet described it as an album with 30 songs. It reviewed the album as: A typical Disney soundtrack holding the Turkish and English versions, including such artists as Tarkan, Ricky Martin, Melis Sökmen, Michael Bolton, Jocelyn Brown, Ahmet Erez, Zeynep Önkaya, Işın Büyükkaraca and Belinda Carlisle (Hürriyet). Such a tracklist must surely signal a CD and that any cassette release is possibly just one with the Turkish versions.

Finally, a link to a Turkish movie forum that discusses the Turkish version of Hercules reveals a message from a member explaining he had managed to find the soundtrack album on CD.

4. What version did he sing? Is there an original version or just a soundtrack one?
Tarkan sings "Yolumdayım" in two scenes (a main part and a reprise) as the young Hercules in the feature, replacing Roger Bart's singing voice.

Even though there is a music video, I am assuming that Tarkan's track on the album is the original Turkish vocal recording and not an original release similar to the ones sung by Michael Bolton or Ricky Martin.

Tarkan also voiced the adult Hercules throughout the rest of the movie, replacing Tate Donovan's original vocal version.

5. Are the Turkish lyrics the same as the original English?
They are similar as they are on the same theme, but it is not a word-for-word replica of the original song, and if you were to use the subtitles over the soundtrack the difference can be seen there, too. The Turkish subtitles follow the English lyrics exactly, and so they do not match the Turkish song lyrics. I guess the changes made were done so as to keep lipsynch as smooth as possible.

6. If not, what do they say?
For Tarkan's "Yolumdayım" you can watch a video sample of the song and film I've prepared below, provided with English subtitles to the Turkish dub, which I adapted slightly for the video from my original translation.

Please note it is not the official video; it is my re-imagining of the excerpt from the animated film where Tarkan sings the track as the young Hercules. I have resynchronised the footage with the opening song from the soundtrack CD, so it doesn't have the last verse, or reprise, as it does in the animated film.

Alternatively, for more information and my original English translation click here.

Tarkan as Disney's Hercules (With English Subtitles)

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