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Friday, December 04, 2009

Tarkan News: More Reports

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Taking a quick look at news reports springing up at the start of December dealing with Turkish recording artist Tarkan, there is a mixture of yet more gossip, opinion and speculation surrounding Turkey's elusive, global pop star.

Tarkan Sings Turkey's Wares

Screencap of Russian reportAs the financial pages of media portal Haberturk claim that the face of citrus fruit industry "is laughing" all the way to the bank, in a report that talks of a fresh fruit campaign - spearheaded by Tarkan - generating interest and a high spike in sales in imports to Russia, a Russian portal has published an article analysing the recent advert campaign (see left pic).

The leading informational analytical portal, devoted to the Russian market of advertising, marketing and PR, has printed a report about Tarkan's promotion of Turkish citrus fruits in Russia, with video footage of Turkish news coverage of the Russian TV commercials, along with the ads themselves.

Noting the artist as a well-loved figure in Russia, who will be seen as a positive image to push the brand forward in the economic market, it does say that there are some minor problems with the campaign in its analysis, specifically that it doesn't say which markets the goods can be found.

"Tarkan Will Meet a Sorry End"

In other reports, a Turkish musician has gone on Turkish TV to give his opinion of Tarkan, by claiming that the artist's end would follow that of the late Michael Jackson.

Referring to the troubled US pop star's growing isolation and tragic, sudden death this year, the musician is quoted as saying that, "Tarkan's end will be like Michael Jackson. He has broken off from the public, his fans, the music sector. He is rushing towards loneliness. It's not always worth it to be unattainable. It's not good to just now and then parachute down to Turkey from America," Turkish paper Hürriyet writes.

Europe Wants Tarkan, Not Turkey

Meanwhile, Azeri reporter Akper Hasanov, writing for, mentions Tarkan in his article asking whether Turkey should strive for a place in the European Union.

Suggesting that there is a seemingly firm decision not to admit a predominantly Muslim Turkey to the European bloc, preserving it as a Christian club once and forever, Hasanov writes:

"Europeans are ready to go for a rest in that country, listen to Tarkan, buy relatively cheap and quite qualitative goods and eat Turkish meals but they are not ready to admit Turkey to the European community."

Tarkan Raises Profiles and Problems

And while in another interview published in Star Gazete with Turkish actress Zeynep Beşerler, the report calls her role in Tarkan's video single to "Dudu" (Dudu/2003) a turning point in her career, in paper Yeni Asır another Tarkan song has also raised the profile of others, but this time in an undesirable fashion leading to the courts.

A fracas was created over the artist's hit song "Dilli Düdük" from his 2007 Metamorfoz when the new chairman of a Turkish football had publicly "dedicated" the song to the old chairman.

The song had been written during a difficult period in Tarkan's life, and is seen as a reprimand for those who speak without thinking, or unnecessarily cause a fuss over nothing.

And finally, the gossip press is circulating rumours that his girlfriend of over seven years, businesswoman and lady lawyer Bilge Öztürk, has left Tarkan paying her utility bills.

Although completely out of character for Miss Öztürk, the rumours claim that she left the singer with a huge gas bill to pay after they had split up, in one of the properties they had lived together in Istanbul.

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