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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan Rumours and Updates

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsTaking a look at some of the press coverage on Tarkan sees the artist being mentioned in regard to two continuing nature campaigns in Turkey, while a columnist has touched on American soft drink giant Pepsi's dumping Tarkan (see left pic).

First up, however, is an article by a popular Turkish celebrity portal that has run the previously reported claim that Tarkan is preparing to appear at Kral TV's 16th annual video and music awards ceremony on 17 May, to duet with Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan.

It prints that if there are "no last minute complications" it is expected that the two artists will be performing for the ceremony.

But, although media portal Haberturk had given the news wide coverage in its variety supplement two days ago and Kral TV had run a news spot confirming the Tarkan show, Haberturk has removed the article from its site and the music station has not aired the TV spot about the singer's planned contribution today.

UPDATE: Kral Show Report Back Online >>

Rumours of a Tarkan appearance last year had surrounded the 15th Kral TV VMA event - one of the largest and reputable VMA ceremonies the Turkish music industry has - which sees a mix of categories elected by public and special jury vote to decide the year's most successful names in Turkish music.

With a month to go before the annual ceremony, if Tarkan decides to make an appearance it will be touted as the singer's first appearance since his arrest in March following an anti-drug sting.

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"The Police Did Pepsi a Favour"

Ali Atıf Bir, writing in his column for Bugün, has decided to air his own opinion on the news about Pepsi dumping Tarkan.

Tracing the developments in the press, from the soft drink giant dumping Tarkan after being taken into custody under suspicion of drug possession, to getting rejected itself by singer Volkan Konak, before deciding on a TV actor, Bir says:

"Whatever the reason ... it looks like Pepsi came to the right decision.

"[The people at Pepsi] should thank their lucky stars that the police caught Tarkan with drugs just at the right time. What if they had arrested him after a commercial had been released? Pepsi could have been put in a far difficult position.

"Because, really, however they would have tried to use Tarkan, from where he has now fallen, they would have got a bad result ... They really need to thank the police," he writes.

Campaign Updates

The Turkish English-language daily Today's Zaman has run an update piece on the southeastern region of Turkey under threat of being submerged because of the construction of a controversial dam on the Tigris River.

Tarkan's efforts had been extensive for the campaign run by a major nature society in Turkey - which is still keeping up the challenge, the report writes.

The artist had met with Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay last April and introduced a report explaining in detail how the region is a candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Meanwhile, in another nature campaign, this time in Tarkan's father's homestead of the Black Sea region of Turkey, property portal Emlak Kulisi writes that the government is "re-thinking" its energy proposals in the region.

The article adds that Tarkan's own family have taken up the fight to put a stop to the plans to construct a hydro-powered dam close to their own village.

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