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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan Appeals

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsThe Turkish press have been reporting on updates to Tarkan's drug case, with reports stating that the courts have yet to decide on which court has the jurisdiction to hear the case.

The published news wires claim that the matter will now go to an appeal court, which will decide which court has the jurisdiction to hear the indictment that holds Tarkan and a number of other accused.

Tarkan had been taken in for questioning at the end of February after a anti-drug sting by narcotics and a search of his ranch in Istanbul.

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Meanwhile, an article in paper Hakimiyet-i Milliye equates Tarkan being greeted by chanting fans after being released from custody as an example of the deterioration of Turkish culture via the encroachment of Westernisation, while elsewhere Bugün correspondent Aykut Işıklar has mentioned Tarkan's drug case in a recent article - but seems not to have heard that the artist is currently in Turkey.

In an article where Işıklar complains that the variety press is full of lies and gossip, he apparently suggests however that Tarkan has flown to America to escape any possibility of a sentence.

"[The press] did the same to Tarkan. They kept writing that his "crime is strict liability, he get 7 years". But Tarkan was free to go to America. They say he's going to sell his house in New York and come back.

"I wonder whether he will sell that house or his houses [in Turkey]? He won't come back to Turkey unless he is found not guilty. So let's say he's escaped the charge with a two-day custody," he writes, not realising that Tarkan returned from America after the sale to declare he had closed the book on New York.

Female Advice for Tarkan

On the back of rumours that Tarkan has requested a song from new songwriter Oğuzhan Koç, in her column for media portal Haberturk, Pakize Suda has some advice for Tarkan.

Under the byline "For pity's sake Tarkan", Suda writes that as a fan she was very pleased to hear that Tarkan was going to get a song from Koç, but that she felt the need to send the singer some advice.

"Advice is unlovable, but if it comes from someone who loves you it should be put away in one corner of your mind.

"Yes, look for, want and find beautiful songs... It's what you need. Forget things like image, you're such a beautiful man anyway...

"Stop shuttling between Nazan Öncel and Sezen Aksu before every album. Or at least don't let us hear about it, it's getting irritating. If you can get songs from both, and if one won't give you a song because of the other then forget either, and let them be the ones to lose out.

"Please don't raise our expectations. I don't know how you'll manage this, maybe by not leaving so much space between releases, but unless you do, nothing you'll ever do will be enough.

"Life is short, and subsequently youth is even shorter. Hurry up. A 50 year old man staring sexily and shaking on stage might not create the desired effect. For pity's sake Tarkan..." Suda advises.

In Other Reports

Paper Akşam writes that Turkish postress Demet Akalın has declared at a festival she is a "Tarkanite and there is no turning back", while Beyaz Gazete has printed a confirmation of previous news that Tarkan will be performing in Kastamonu, a northern Turkish province in the Black Sea region, for a summer festival.

Famous for its garlic production, the town of Taşköprü in the region is gearing up for its 24th annual festival, with the report claiming the local municipality has been successful in bringing Tarkan to their festival for August.

Tarkan will perform on the second day of festivities, marking its end with a scheduled show to start at 9.30 pm local time, Beyaz Gazete writes.

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And as media portal Haberturk's variety section HTMagazin claims that Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan postponed her album as a favour to Tarkan so that their releases wouldn't clash, Sabah has published a report with music producer Ozan Doğulu who claims he doesn't listen to Turkish pop music at home.

Producer Doğulu has recently brought out a release that features two Tarkan classics re-sung by Tarkan and rearranged by Doğulu for his compilation album 130 bpm.

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