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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tarkan Silent on Song Theft

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

After the decision of the Musical Work Owners' Society of Turkey (MESAM) that found the piracy claims directed at Tarkan's award-winning song "Beni Çok Sev" had evidential basis, the vocalist of the original 80s track has appeared on Turkish TV again to say that Tarkan needs to apologise to the songwriter of her song, and not to her.

Singer Ayşe Mine spoke on daytime TV about the similarities with Tarkan's track and the song she released over 30 years ago, to say that she was only the singer, and it was the composer who had been wronged.

"The song was composed by Cengiz Tekin. I sang it 33 years ago. This song is the same as mine. I don't have the right to take anyone to court. Why is the man who made the musical arrangements on Tarkan's song silent? Tarkan hasn't called me. He needs to apologise to the song's composer, not to me," she said.

After "Beni Çok Sev" scooped a "Song of the Year" award, it was reported that musician Tekin would be taking legal action. At the time he was said to be "furious" over the theft of his work, having filed a complaint with the appropriate bodies.

"My advice to my young songwriter friends is not to steal someone else's work! Put your own feelings forward, that's if you have feelings, otherwise you're aren't making music you're making meatballs," he had reportedly said.

"Beni Çok Sev" lyricist Günay Çoban has also been silent on social media about the plagiarism updates, only to retweet music monitor Telifmetre's recent tweet that Tarkan was the most played artist in February.

Music Journo: Tarkan Must Face the Music

One music columnist, "Mayk" (Mike) Şişman has touched upon the MESAM academy's ruling - which means "Beni Çok Sev" could be hit by a copyright legal case for copying Tekin's 80s track. Şişman says it's one Tarkan can't ignore.

UPDATE: Media reaction to MESAM ruling >>

With a very real danger of being sued, the correspondent for the paper Milliyet says that Tarkan needs to own up to the problematic song and that he needs to solve it professionally - and soon.

"Just think of it, there is a similarity that everyone accepts, and the singer that puts this song in his album is Tarkan! This song also won Tarkan a "Song of the Year" award. Arguably the time for "talk" is over," Şişman wrote.

Last year, Milliyet's life style editor Şişman had reviewed Tarkan's album 10, with the view that although not the best, it was better than the rest, assuring readers that there was a lot to like from Tarkan's 2017 offering.

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