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Friday, May 04, 2018

Tarkan: Hardworking Dad

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

As Turkish pop megastar Tarkan's one-off show in May for major department store Vadistanbul AVM is expected to pull a crowd of ten thousand, news story reports about Tarkan's business acumen over the booking now say the singer is investing in his daughter.

Looking to the anticipated 12 May show, the reports say that the soulful singer hasn't given a show for a shopping mall "in years" - not since 2010, and before that in 2008 under the organisation of Fashion TV.

Looking after his little Lydia - the name the celeb couple have allegedly chosen for their new arrival - Tarkan is already hard at work securing a future for his first born.

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Across the news wires, the claims are that instead of being paid in cash for the concert, Tarkan is being gifted an office in the newly developed area said to be worth over half a million dollars.

Headlined as "Breaking His Rules For His Daughter", the stories claim that Tarkan has taken the offer of a shopping mall event to secure investments for his unborn little girl.

Baby Announcement Aftershocks

Echoes of Tarkan's baby announcement video are being seen and felt in the strangest of places - from parodying celebs to exam questions.

Looking back at the months of reactions as the countdown begins to an August birth, daytime TV show "Duymayan Kalmasın" aired an exam question on Turkish grammar yesterday, which used Tarkan's announcement almost word for word.

Also airing a fan video of Tarkan kissing a baby girl eight years ago at a show, the male host commented on how the megastar was showing his age. The female host came to the hunk's defence, saying it was just the extra weight he needed to lose, and that Tarkan looked better with age.

New Troubles Plague Tribute Album

In other news, following on from confirmation that Tarkan would no longer feature on music buddy Yıldız Tilbe's tribute album comes rumours that another artist has dropped out of the album over a song choice dispute.

Verification of gossip is difficult, but if true, it looks like the producers of the tribute album are failing to succesfully negotiate between the stars and choice of songs in Tilbe's varied repetoire - creating a fallout of mega proportions.

Since last November, talk of Tarkan and the on/off status of his appearance on Tilbe's tribute record has been given wide coverage in the gossip press.

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