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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tarkan's Dress Sense

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany
Photographs by Mehmet Koksal, Brussels, Belgium

Tarkan on stageUnder the organisation of Tarkan's company HITT, and sponsored by Avea, 20,000 music lovers have flocked to see Tarkan in a succession of Istanbul concerts recently. The final estimation for all five concerts is expected to exceed 25,000 people.

The artist opened a series of outdoor concerts for various artists at the Harbiye Open Air Theatre on the 7 August, and demand for tickets to see the singer was so high that an extra four dates were added.

After three consecutive concerts between the 7-9 August, the artist made his fourth Harbiye appearance on the 21 August.

A final fifth date is scheduled for 25 August.

Special Design Team

For the artist's fourth outing, photographer Mehmet Koksal flew to Istanbul from Brussels exclusively and shared with Tarkan Deluxe readers what he saw.

Tarkan in blackTarkan fire shirtTarkan with army top

Known for mixing everyday wear with the aesthetic, Tarkan's costume designs have attracted as much attention as the expensive decoration on stage.

Tarkan's cowboy suitTarkan's fire shirtFor his fourth concert, Tarkan wore the red "fire shirt", which he first showcased at his 2006 Moscow outing and that he is seen wearing in the music video to his second single release "Start the Fire". He also combined a cowboy suit, a style which is in vogue at the moment, with the traditional suit, enhancing the fire motif. Also this time he donned his silver sequined jacket and jeans that he has used at recent concerts for the Turkish classical music fest at the second stage of the show, instead of the traditional black suit he had worn on the previous three occasions.

Usually working with well-known designers who design his entire wardrobe for individual tours, this time Tarkan is working with his own design team that create costumes to his specifications.

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