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Monday, December 17, 2007

Tarkan's Metamorphosis

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's new logo for 2007-08On the eve of his 2007 album's release, Tarkan's new website has opened its doors at his domain, hailing the "re-birth" of a star that was musically born fifteen years ago this month.

Playing on images of space and utilising a complimentary black background, the site offers information in Turkish and English, while providing some promotional photographs of Tarkan working in the studio with talented music engineer Ozan Çolakoğlu.

These pictures had been distributed by Tarkan's fan community two days before the official opening, when the site had temporarily been up for about twenty minutes prior to its launch.

Tarkan's Metamorfoz

Along with a catchy tune teaser on loop, the site's "coming soon" message and introductory text gives a taste of things to come, by revealing the name of Tarkan's 2007 album: Metamorfoz. From the original Greek, the Turkish word for metamorphosis - as it defines - indicates that Tarkan has gone through an abrupt change, and fans should not expect anything like his previous works for this album.

Tarkan's reincarnation for the 2007 album suggests a metamorphosis to maturity in music, image and expression, indicating that a purchase of this album will get the artist at his "most real".

A Look into Tarkan's World

Message about his 2007 album on the websiteIn "his most revealing album to date, Metamorfoz is a translucent look into the world of Tarkan ... revealing his transformation in a way that only he can express ..." declares the English welcome message, using a title case for each word.

Marking "a new era in Tarkan's career", the message also goes on to confirm that the Tarkan and Çolakoğlu produced album has been solely penned by the artist. The Turkish version of the text also adds that the music to seven of the tracks are composed by Tarkan, one is a Çolakoğlu composition, and two music tracks are collaborations between Tarkan and Çolakoğlu. This confirms that the album will have ten tracks.

The opening of the official site puts to rest certain rumours that had been circulated in the press, namely that the album would consist of 11 or 12 tracks, with a possible English track, too. Some reports claim that Tarkan had initially planned a 12-song album, but two tracks were taken out, possibly the two different versions of Aksu's song "Nezaket".

Plus speculation over featurings from guest artists such as Sibel Can has not been mentioned on the site, either. It now looks likely the only duet between the two friends might be at the TRT end-of-year show, though that is yet to be confirmed.

Plus, the site as yet does not authenticate a 24 December date for the album's release, simply stating "towards the end of 2007", or the existence of a track named "Vay"*.

In its description of a musical concept and about its new sound, the album is described as reflecting "new nuances ... in the organic synthesis of East and West". It also promises to infuse this cataclysmic change on the Turkish pop scene, with the album's ground breaking "avant-garde sounds and sincere sentiments [surprising] fans and critics alike".

The site informs visitors that after its initial domestic début, there are plans for a worldwide release in 2008.

* Research emailed in by fans have discovered that the track teaser intro to the site is called "Vay", and that some Turkish online shopping sites have already put up pre-release order pages, revealing that they will have the album by 26 December.

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