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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Turkish Press Talks Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

ScreencapIn a summary of recent news reports that mention Tarkan in the Turkish press, eighties pop celebrity Ferdi Özbeğen speaking in an interview has spoken of Turkey's famous pop star (pictured left).

Mostly known for his pianist performances, when Özbeğen was asked about one of his "favourite artists" - and to comment on what the interviewer, Tarkan critic Bilal Özcan, called Tarkan's "dip in popularity" - he had this to say:

"Really as someone his senior, seeing as Tarkan doesn't mention me in his reports, I shouldn't speak about him in mine. But I'll tell you this, in my opinion an artist should change his music style to suit his age."

Possibly not realising that Tarkan had already pursued this with his 2007 double award-winning record Metamorfoz, the musician continued, "At 18 the music you make should be different than that at 25, and from that at 35. I think Tarkan has to transform himself into another music style, or follow what his international peers are doing and do the same in Turkish."

Other Artists Talk Tarkan

Elsewhere, known as Islamic music's answer to Tarkan, British Muslim singer-songwriter Sami Yusuf - recently in Istanbul to give a concert - talks about Tarkan's music to distinguish it from his own genre of music, explaining that there was a fine boundary of what was acceptable music to make.

"You have to be very careful when making spiritual music," he is quoted as saying, "it shouldn't just be about the words that speak of religion. It's very wrong. It's not Islamic. If I had made [my songs] fast, they would come out like a Tarkan song. When you make music, you have to capture the right amount of decency."

And in a report published by Turkish paper Sabah, newcomer to Turkish pop female singer Ebru Polat, has spoken about Tarkan, too.

Having hit mainstream popularity with a sexy cover of a nineties Sezen Aksu song, and now aiming to cement her commercial success with an album supported by singer/songwriter Serdar Ortaç, Polat speaks highly of Turkish pop's own prince.

Alongside Ortaç, she is says that "I love Tarkan, too. He has a real classy, sexy image. He really suits the stage."

Other News in Brief

Tarkan and EmirMeanwhile, Sabah also published the story that reporters asked Tarkan about Ortaç when they caught up with the star out to dinner with his own music label HITT's latest contribution to Turkish pop, Emir.

Describing Emir as very successful and that he would continue to support the singer, when asked about what he thought of Turkish pop diva Ajda Pekkan's recent comments that both he and Ortaç were "very sweet", the star reportedly became visibly angry.

Tarkan recently shared news and stage space with Pekkan during her concert at the Harbiye last month, while Turkey's gutter press have been sizing Ortaç and Tarkan up this year, with Ortaç commenting about Turkey's most well-known export in current reports.

Sabah - noted for starting the false Eurovision rumours - writes that Tarkan said, "If you're going to ask questions like that then I'm out of here," before scampering off to his Jeep.

More Opinions and Rumours

Emir has been topping the Turkish charts with Tarkan's help
Tarkan's No.2: Emir has been topping the Turkish charts with Tarkan's help
And the rumours of a delay to an original studio release being scrapped on the advice of Aksu have resurfaced again, this time with claims that a new album has been postponed until 2010. The gossip column writes that Samsun Demir, from Metamorfoz's distributor music label DMC, said there was "no rush" for a release.

"With expectations so high, Tarkan is being very careful," Demir is quoted as saying.

And finally, in other news, Turkish haute couture designer Faruk Saraç is said to have opined about Tarkan's dress sense, although he called him "a very special" artist.

"For two years he hasn't been able to keep up his own special style. His hair and dress sense is really bad. A new hair cut and a different pair of jeans isn't renewing yourself stylistically. Although his performances are beyond criticism, I can't say the same about what he wears."

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