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Monday, October 05, 2009

Even More Tarkan News Coverage in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In even more Turkish news articles covering Turkey's most famous recording artist, today reveals a mixture of reports that briefly mention Tarkan in their accounts.

Screencap of reportFirst up is the news that Tarkan's cover version of the folk song "Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayım" (Dudu/2003) - a piece from highly regarded poet of Turkish folk literature Aşık Veysel - was played at the end of the governing political party's rally (see left pic).

It is interesting that the ruling party would use the recording artist's song, as Tarkan was campaigning against the government this year because of plans to build a controversial dam in the southeastern region of Turkey. It is part of the current government's plans to rejuvenate the region and secure energy resources for the country.

In partnership with a nature society's campaign, Tarkan has campaigned against the dam as he believes it will destroy the natural habitat of wildlife there and displace the minorities currently living in the region.

There are reports that Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan - recently on stage with Tarkan at the Harbiye - is preparing to follow in the star's footsteps and push for the protection of the area by giving a concert there.

All over for Tarkan?

Meanwhile, in an interview with entertainment organiser and venue producer Serdar İlhan by Işıl Öz for the Turkish Journal, the New York based graphic design artist by trade talks about Tarkan in response to a question about Turkish artist's breaking through into the global music market.

Putting over the belief that Tarkan had been the best bet for crossover success in pop music, the producer however believes that the artist's chance for a sustained career outside of Turkey has gone.

"The reason that Turkish artists in popular music are failing to breakthrough is language, of course. The nearest we had to this was Tarkan, but it wasn't to be."

Moving on, as university research assistant Sanem Bengü Uygunkan analyses Pekkan's "star factor" claiming that she and Tarkan are the few rare stars Turkey has produced, Benjamin-Émile Le Hay's interview with "House Music Master" DJ Tiësto for Blackbook lists Tarkan as "an epic headliner" alongside artists such as Madonna, Britney Spears, and Kanye West for which Tiësto - touted as the one of the most sought-after producers - has remixed tracks for. The DJ had appeared in Tarkan's 2008 reissue of Metamorfoz.

Screencap of reportAnd having just recently given a crowded stadium show in Cyprus' capital of Nicosia, a Kibris Postasi correspondent ironically thanks Tarkan's manager who recently appeared in an interview before the scheduled show (see left pic).

"We're having difficulty getting a consensus on the population figure of the island, but here we have Tarkan's manager telling us how many people we have in the city. At least we know that now!"

Tarkan in Correspondents' Columns

In other reports, Hürriyet's Özgür Bolat, in his article about how competition affects the development of children, mentions Tarkan as an example of how competition or ambition reduces the benefits of collaborative partnerships.

Echoing Tarkan Deluxe correspondent Mark Mayhey's procrastination on ambition and the lack of Tarkan's collaborative efforts with his pop peers in "The Greatest Love of All", Bolat asks, "For example, very few singers duet (or work) together ... If they sang together, wouldn't they be more successful? If Tarkan and Kenan Doğulu did a duet, wouldn't they be more successful?"

Screencap of reportAnd continuing with an article involving the relationships of artists in Turkey, one offers a very different story to the Sezen Aksu-Tarkan split that came after 1997, ending a successful collaboration of two albums that helped define pop music in the nineties (see left pic).

Tarkan and pop diva Aksu's musical partnership, which produced some successful continental hits too, had come to an end over a dispute to the ownership of the "Şımarık" song in 1997. Tarkan was later to confess in a 2006 magazine interview he had been to blame.

However, the recent article states that the reason Aksu and Tarkan broke off their professional relationship was because Aksu had refused to join a project with Tarkan's brother, as she didn't want "her wages paid by Tarkan".

Meanwhile, in an article published by paper Sabah, writer Melis Danişmend - who had written a tongue-in-cheek critique of the star for Rolling Stone magazine in 2006 and recently ignored Tarkan in an article about about the attempts of Turkish music artists to cross cultural borders - has mentioned Tarkan when describing a club this time.

Danişmend uses a Tarkan song as an expletive for "wow", when she writes, "If you were interested in music and night-life in 1999, when you look at the book published for the 10th anniversary of Babylon, this Tarkan tune will come to mind: Vay Anam Vay!"

And finally...

In a final collection of reports, while one report talks about Tarkan's allaturca songs defining the sights of the Turkish cultural capital of Istanbul, and another contains a B-list celebrity bemoaning Tarkan's new image, paper Sabah has an article about Tarkan's ex-girlfriend.

Lawyer and businesswoman Bilge Öztürk is filling up her spare time with professional water sports. The paper writes that she will be in Turkey's fourth biggest city of Bursa for a wakeboard championship this month.

Turkey is becoming a popular resort for water sport events, with this year's Professional Windsurfers Association World Cup held there in August - in Alaçati, on the Çeşme peninsula, opposite the Greek island of Chios and on the same latitude as Athens.

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