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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Press Snippets: Media Talks Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As the Turkish press continues to cover Tarkan's PETA ad - with CNN Turk reporting that the recording artist "partly stripped" for the animal rights movement - US publicist Avo Yermagyan has been tweeting about it, while New Yorker Joshua Katcher has also covered the story in his blog "The Discerning Brute".

In an interview with Katcher for his blog at a New York charity fund raiser last year, Katcher had spoken of Tarkan's collaborations with PETA after the singer had "sworn off" fur.

Tarkan Takes a Stand for Strays

Screencap of Katcher's post on Tarkan's PETA adHeadlined as "Tarkan's Stand For Turkey's Strays", the 19 February post by Katcher describes Tarkan's ad as an "amazing spay/neuter and dog rescue campaign take place just in time for Spay Day on February 23rd!"

Whilst also republishing Tarkan's interview with PETA Germany, the founder of The Discerning Brute points out, "Stars like Tarkan have actually taken in many strays, and with campaigns like this we hope people will take action and have their pets spayed and neutered, keeping more dogs and cats from living sad, dangerous and unhealthy lives" (see left pic).

It is well documented that Tarkan is an animal lover, with the star talking about the plight of stray animals in Turkey concerning him as far back as a magazine interview for Marie Claire in 1996.

Papers' Press Release: Tarkan's Spring or Summer Album?

Today's Zaman writes that "Tarkan hints at a new album in the summer," quoting the singer as saying that his newest studio album of new material might come early in the customary holiday season.

Speaking to reporters on Friday at the airport before leaving for Moscow for a special concert over the weekend, Tarkan reportedly said: "My upcoming album [will be] very enjoyable, very sweet, very warm. I don't want to speak of an exact [release] date, but it will be ready for the summer."

Screencap of reportMeanwhile, left-wing paper Radikal has published a release quoting Tarkan on his new album on his return from Russia, where he had been invited to perform at the private function, (see left pic).

Returning to Istanbul on Sunday afternoon, the article prints that Tarkan told reporters the new album would be released in spring this year.

"We've prepared a really good album. [After it's release] we're going to make our mark this summer," the artist was quoted as saying.

The artist is known for delaying album releases at the last minute - with this record already pushed forward from spring last year - but expectations are growing for a new Tarkan album in 2010.

Tarkan in the Columns

Elsewhere, in the columns of paper Sabah, columnists Yüksel Aytuğ and Ayşe Özyılmazel talk Tarkan, with Özyılmazel mentioning the singer in reference to newcomer Emir, while Aytuğ heralds the coming of a new Tarkan collaboration.

In her Sunday piece, Özyılmazel writes about meeting Tarkan's pop protégé and discovering that Emir resembles Turkey's megastar only from a distance.

"From the outside he may look like Tarkan, but when you speak to him you realise he is like no one you've met before. It is 2010, and the man is carrying around a clunky Walkman! He told me it had been his dream for years to listen to his own release on a Walkman. So he scoured the whole of Eminönü [in Istanbul] for one. No iPod for him..." she details.

In Aytuğ's corner, he writes of a new Tarkan song by the artist being released in March on a collaborative album - before any release of a new solo album from the popular recording artist hits the stores.

The Sabah columnist reveals that Tarkan is participating in an album by ENBE Orchestra's founder Behzat Gerçeker, who brings together guest artists to feature on his albums.

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Tarkan and close friend Sibel Can photographed on their way to Moscow for a private function
Tarkan and close friend Sibel Can photographed on their way to Moscow for a private function
last week
This time it seems that the March release will bring together such names as Ajda Pekkan and Sibel Can alongside Tarkan for what has been cited as an eagerly awaited record in the Turkish music industry.

Tarkan had last been reported with Pekkan after making a surprise appearance at her summer open air concert at the Harbiye in Istanbul last year, while he recently flew to Moscow with close friend Can to perform at a private function.

Meanwhile, in another Sabah report, it's being printed singer-songwriter Serdar Ortaç fans have opened up a Facebook group to campaign against one singer that the domestic media claims is trying to evade Turkish compulsory military service.

The article writes that while the group aims to persuade the singer to "do his duty" like Ortaç, they have republished a comment by one fan who asks whether the singer in question is waiting to do a paid, shortened term military service like Tarkan - ironically not realising that Ortaç took advantage of the "Tarkan law", too.

Tarkan had completed his military service in 2000 after after a new law was passed for the benefit of the August 1999 earthquake victims in Turkey. The recording artist had resolved the growing dispute of his deferred service by paying $16,000 and serving for 28 days.

More Tarkan Talk

Screencap of reportsA press scan of recent reports about Tarkan being circulated in the Turkish press sees Tarkan described as investing his wealth in property and as one of the three top Turkish artists that gets paid the highest royalties from Europe, while he is also reported as having registered his name as a trademark against piracy (see left pic).

And published by media portal Haberturk, Kadir Kaymakçı's article about the departure of long-standing managing editor of paper Hürriyet sees Tarkan get a mention.

"Ertuğrul Özkök has been at that paper for as long as I can remember ... Mobile phones, the internet, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, bird flu, swine flu, Tarkan ... he's welcomed them all in," he declares.

While in Hürriyet correspondent Ayşe Aral's column, she uses Tarkan as an example for the lack of individual expression amongst the general public, where she opines: "Don't get me wrong ... it's not just women that are rushing to look like the celebrities. The men are guilty of it, too. Every singer comes out looking like Tarkan."

Plus, as Tarkan tops a poll by celebrity gossip portal Gecce asking its readers for the sexiest dancing male singer, in an interview in Star Gazete with currently popular gameshow host İhsan Varol, Tarkan's name pops up, too.

Talking about not being recognised when out in public, "Why would they recognise me, I'm hardly Tarkan," he says.

And Finally...

Screencap of reportTurkish language Russian news site for Moscow, Rusya, writes about Tarkan almost single-handedly reviving the Turkish citrus industry's fortunes with demand for goods rising by over 40% (see left pic).

Writing that demand had tripled in the last five years, the article reveals that Russia has become Turkey's main importer with a 43% share in demand.

It claims this is thanks in large part to the recent Tarkan ads raising the profile of Turkish fruits on the continent.

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