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Friday, April 23, 2010

Press Snippets: Bad News for Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan being prosecuted for drugs is making the front pages of the celebrity portals
Tarkan being prosecuted for drugs is making the front pages of the celebrity portals
Tarkan's fans are still reeling from the shock of yesterday's news reports that the singer - released on bail last month - is to answer charges of drug possession, with a possibility of facing up to a two-year jail sentence if found guilty.

The news has spread across the whole spectrum of the media, with Turkish public broadcaster TRT's news report calling it "bad news for Tarkan".

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Some are wondering whether this new development of the Turkish public prosecution deciding to make Tarkan face charges of drug possession will affect recent claims of summer concerts at the Harbiye in Istanbul, or the rumours that he was to make an appearance at Turkish music station Kral TV's 16th annual video and music awards ceremony on 17 May.

Turning Tarkan to Your Advantage

Screencap of reportTaking a look at some other reports on Tarkan in the press, celebrity portals write that actress and TV talk show host Hülya Avşar has been praising Tarkan's pop protégé Emir in recent reports (see left pic).

Appearing for her annual tennis tournament, Avşar reportedly said that Emir turned the disadvantage of looking like Tarkan into an advantage, by deflecting criticism of any outward similarities by saying it was an honour to be like him.

"He said that he was proud to be compared with Tarkan, and took him as a role model, and successfully overcame any disputes," Avşar said. "Now everyone is singing along to his songs."

In Other Reports

Screencap of reportsElsewhere, a Milliyet blogger has taken his pen to Tarkan now that a shortened term of compulsory military service, or exemption through paying a money penalty, is back on the political cards again, while the artist's name has been indicated in a more sinister political plot, writes Yeni Şafak (see left pic).

Yeni Şafak has published an article on convicted murderer Alparslan Arslan, a protected witness in a case against an alleged clandestine ultra-nationalist organisation known as Ergenekon, and the mystery surrounding 14 text messages he sent in 2006, before murdering an administrative court judge and injuring four others.

"Will Tarkan do for you?" the paper writes was one of the messages sent by Arslan, although it's unclear whether Arslan meant the famous artist, or for what purpose it was sent, with Yeni Şafak arguing that the person Arslan sent the messages to needed to be "uncloaked".

Meanwhile, a retired civil servant Milliyet blogger going by the nick of "Turbest" has touched upon a new shortened term for compulsory military service, writing that the money paid should not be a blanket fee, but one that is indexed to a person's financial situation for it to be fair - and that it would help root out those not suited for the army.

Grouping Tarkan together with a bar singer known for his campiness, "What benefit could Tarkan or Fatih Ürek be to the army?" he asks.

And Star Gazete hasn't forgotten to mention Tarkan in their piece on the subject of the short-term army issue, either.

It writes that many Turkish celebrities are waiting to take advantage of any new law for a fast track military service, reminding its readers that Tarkan had done just that in 2000.

Screencap of reportAnd finally, in two last press snippets from the Turkish media that mentions Tarkan, Haberturk's Esin Övet has mentioned the recording artist in a recent column, while Milliyet's variety section Cadde has caught up with ex-girlfriend Bilge Öztürk (see left pic).

Having spotted businesswoman and lawyer Öztürk out with her sister in one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods of Istanbul, Bebek, reporters asked her to comment on Tarkan being out on bail for cocaine use, Cadde writes.

In response to the question whether she would defend Tarkan, she is said to have replied, "These are hard questions. I don't want to say anything."

Meanwhile, reminiscing on the first performances of some of the keystone players of Turkish pop music today, Haberturk's Övet reveals that she has been to the first concert of artists such as Tarkan, Serdar Ortaç and Kenan Doğulu.

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