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Monday, May 31, 2010

Press Snippets: In Variety Reports

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

"A Noble Revenge"

Screencap of reportIn paper Milliyet's variety pages Cadde, columnist Asu Maro has touched upon why she gave her vote to Tarkan in Cadde's recent selection for this summer's hit.

A jury complied by the variety pages had voted seven to three that Tarkan's "Sevdanın Son Vuruşu" ("Love's Last Strike") would be this summer's greatest track.

"What will this summer's hit be? If you're someone who writes about music, you're always faced with this question. And last week as 'Cadde's jury' we chose the song of the summer, and we nearly unanimously said 'Tarkan'. Getting to know the other song nominees well, I now realise even more why I immediately gave my vote to Tarkan.

"Putting aside Tarkan's vocals, the main difference is that Tarkan's track is the only one I can't listen to without getting goosebumps.

"I wish the base language [in the other songs] about angry lovers getting revenge would come to an end ... Isn't there a more subtle, classier way to say what you want? ... there [should be] a nobility to revenge," she writes.

In Other Variety Reports

Screencap of reportsAnd as Milliyet's Cadde correspondent Cem Dizdar describes approaching his own music idol like "a young girl approaching Tarkan", in the same pages columnist Ersin Süzer writes that he asked DJ Suat Ateşdağlı his top summer hits, with the popular Turkish DJ listing Tarkan's latest track as his number one choice.

Elsewhere, Cadde writes that established Turkish singer Zerrin Özer was asked about Tarkan's latest track, in which she responded that she "couldn't say a bad word" about it.

"That's my Aysel's (Gürel) song. That's Tarkan. I won't let anyone say a bad thing, nor will I say anything bad about it."

Plus, Tarkan has been mentioned in paper Sabah as they publish an interview with young popster Murat Dalkılıç for Cosmo.

"First we had Tarkan's Karma, now Murat Dalkılıç has become a Kendo follower," Sabah writes.

Tarkan Comes Out for Formula 1

Meanwhile, there are reports that Tarkan has started to come out of hiding in celebrity gossip portals - with the Turkish megastar spotted coming out of Istanbul's exclusive club Reina - while Hürriyet variety columnist Onur Baştürk tweets that Tarkan was "the star of the party" at the Kızkulesi (Maiden's Tower) F1 evening on 29 May before going to Club Reina.

"Everyone attended to him, chatted with him. He looked in fine spirits," Baştürk writes.

And in his column, Baştürk adds that the party at Kızkulesi was "like every year where no one danced, but preferred to talk.

"Only when Tarkan's song played did the room begin to move. Yes, Tarkan was there, too. He was talking with [Elizabeth Hurley's best friend] Alasdair Dundas, he was in a good mood," he writes.

Finally, an entertainment report in paper Sabah write that Tarkan's rumoured "secret love" Nil Özalp tried to follow the megastar during his trips to the F1 parties at Kızkulesi and Reina, but that he ignored her throughout the evening.

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