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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Press Snippets: More News in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

French Singer: "I Know Tarkan"

As fans wait for Tarkan's new song to hit the Turkish airwaves this afternoon at five local Turkish time, in other reports the Turkish English daily Today's Zaman has run an interview with French singer Dany Brillant during his fifth visit to Istanbul, who has been quoted as mentioning Tarkan in a discussion on Turkish music.

Described as a musician familiar with Turkish music, Brilliant said, "I know the popular songs, and I know Tarkan."

Tarkan Still After Rihanna Duet?

Paper Takvim has run an article that claims Tarkan still hasn't given up on a collaboration with Barbadian R&B recording artist and model Rihanna.

With Rihanna in Istanbul for a concert in 3 June, the report claims that Tarkan has postponed plans to move back to Florida in America to meet up with her and push her for an answer to sing together, this time on stage in Turkey.

Labelled as Tarkan's last chance - with rumours that the Turkish singer has offered Rihanna a fee of $50,000 to appear on stage together - what her answer will be is anybody's guess, the article claims.

Turkish paper Hürriyet's Europe edition had claimed in February that Tarkan was working on his second English language album that included a track featuring Rihanna, while last September the Turkish press had reported that Rihanna had refused to duet with the recording artist, claiming that their schedules clashed.

More Drug Gossip

Paper Akşam has run an article headlined "Stress Made Me Use It" where it claims that Tarkan's statement to the police has been discovered - when the singer was taken in for questioning at the end of February after his phones had been tapped by narcotics and a search of his ranch was made.

Despite Tarkan's lawyer releasing a press statement to the contrary of such reports to say that Tarkan is completely innocent, Önder Şuşoğlu's article for Akşam writes that in Tarkan's statement, Turkey's megastar confessed to using drugs recently because of work stress.

The article writes that Tarkan was questioned about three phone conversations in August 2009 in particular. During a 5 August conversation, he explained how he took drugs in Germany one time, and in a 10 August call he is heard asking a drug dealer for drugs, Akşam writes.

Meanwhile, in a 12 August call, it was revealed Tarkan was warned by a doctor he was getting the first sign of lung problems, because of the cigarette smoking associated with the drug.

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"The First Time I Saw Tarkan"

And finally, Bugün correspondent Aykut Işıklar has mentioned Tarkan in an article about music, although his memory is a little flawed.

In mentioning late music label founder Yaşar Kekeva and his son Kemal, who is currently signing up new artists, Işıklar adds a bit of trivia in his piece that Kemal's cousin is Mehmet Söğütoğlu, the founder of record company Istanbul Plak and credited as the man who discovered Tarkan.

However, Işıklar incorrectly gives the Istanbul Plak's founder's surname as Şahinoğlu, calling him a cousin of Kemal Kekeva on Kekeva's mother's side, when Söğütoğlu is in fact related to Kekeva through his father Yaşar.

"Sixteen years ago...Mehmet produced Tarkan's album with the backing of the Kekevas. I'll never forget the first time I saw Tarkan next to Mehmet," Işıklar writes.

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