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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tarkan Open Air Performance Wows Fans

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportThe Turkish press reports that Turkish megastar Tarkan gave a dazzling live performance as he kick-started the 2010 Kral Harbiye Open Air Shows yesterday evening.

After the release of Tarkan's 2010 album - which has topped the sale charts in less than a week - the 5,000 capacity popular open air arena in Istanbul saw 6,500 ticket buyers cram into its stalls to watch the first public live performance the singer has given since last January.

Singing a mix of old songs with his latest offerings, newspaper Hürriyet writes that it was interesting how the crowd had already memorised Tarkan's new songs.

Screencap of Tarkan's official facebook pageTarkan Online at Facebook provided a list of the songs the singer had planned to sing at the event, while the singer posted a message prior to the show to say that he had heard all tickets for the open air meeting had sold out.

"I've got butterflies in my tummy. I'm real excited to be singing all of you my latest songs. Thank you so much for your love and attention. Hope to see you at the concert," Tarkan posted at Tarkan Online.

Tarkan's scheduled repertoire for the evening, as provided by the singer's official Facebook page, was as follows:

Tarkan Defends Turkish-Arabesque Culture

Paper Hürriyet's account of the evening writes about Tarkan speaking on a recent musical controversy making the papers, when classical pianist and composer Fazıl Say had dismissed Turkish arabesque music as an art form.

"We're a nation that loves arabesque. It's inside all of us. Those who refuse to recognise arabesque should listen to these songs. It is in the very nature of us. Those who are proud of arabesque will be pleased," Tarkan is quoted as saying from the stage in the Hürriyet report.

As an aside from his planned repertoire for the evening, the paper writes that Tarkan sang a song from arabesque progenitor, male singer Orhan Gencebay called "Hatasız Kul Olmaz" ("Everyone Makes Mistakes") - after mistaking Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan's sister in the VIP section for Turkish classical female singer Emel Sayın.

Gencebay had featured in the Tarkan promo track "Uyan" for a nature society in 2008.

He then followed it with his 1997 track "İkimizin Yerine" saying, "This is completely arabesque, let those who refuse to accept the form, listen to it," Hürriyet writes.

The story seems to show that Tarkan has finally accepted his musical history, as last year close sources were saying that the singer wanted to strip his work clean of Turkish musical motifs.

Photos from the Show

And Hürriyet's article - while also writing that tickets for Tarkan's second showing at the Harbiye tonight had all sold out - published photos from the concert revealing that support from the Tarkan fan community made an appearance at the show, too.

Fans showing their support for Tarkan at the Harbiye showTurkish fans hold up banner which reads: We've written
your name across our hearts for ever more,
we've never loved like this before

Although Tarkan Deluxe founder Ali Yildirim couldn't be at the show, he was there in spirit as his translation of Tarkan's album title made it on a fan's banner.

Fans showing their support for Tarkan at the Harbiye showTarkanclub members - some all the way from Brazil - and founder
Marleen van Woensal pictured holding a banner at the show with
Ali Yildirim's translation of the 2010 album title

View concert photographs at Tarkan Visual >>
Watch Kral TV concert footage >>

Concert Details on Tarkan's Official Facebook

Tarkan's concert programme at TarkanOnlineMeanwhile, fans can catch all the latest concert details at Tarkan's official Facebook page, Tarkan Online.

Along with providing Tarkan's song repertoire for his 31 July Harbiye show, Tarkan Onine at Facebook also confirms that the singer will be appearing at three other separate venues across Turkey in August, as previously reported by the Turkish media.

UPDATE: Venues added to concert agenda >>

After his two day at the Harbiye in Istanbul, the singer is set to be in northern Turkey to to perform at Taşköprü on 6 August for its 24th annual festival, while moving on to Bianca Beach in Bodrum on 7 August and then will shuttle off to his father's homestead of Rize in the Black Sea region of Turkey for a festival there on 8 August.

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