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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tarkan Tidbits

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

After a successful concert in Balıkesir, Tarkan flew to Greece on Monday to take a short five day break in Athens with longtime girlfriend Bilge Öztürk - before continuing with other planned August appearances.

Turkish newspapers report an extra August stage event for Tarkan. It seems that the artist may give a concert at the close of the upcoming Turkish F1 race on the 27 August. The official site for F1 in Turkey has also re-printed this news, though this has not been verified by official sources for Tarkan at time of writing.

Tarkan on RTLMeanwhile on August 6, a TV report with Tarkan had aired on German TV channel RTL before the Hungarian leg of the F1 race. As mentioned previously, this was an interview recorded in May with Tarkan in Istanbul. It showed Tarkan at work in a music studio, behind the scenes for his Miss Turkey 2006 performance and travelling in various areas of Istanbul.

Also other news released in May had revealed that a Tarkan TV show was in the works. It seems that the project may still be going ahead, as Tarkan recently made comments to reporters at his Kuşadası concert that the show was going to be made in the weeks connecting August and September. The format the show will take is unknown, but will possibly be a "talk-show" type program. There are rumours that Turkish pop diva Sezen Aksu may be asked to make a guest appearance.

Along with this news, Tarkan mentioned to journalists that he was getting various movie offers, but had turned them down as he did not feel ready for the big screen - yet.

Murat Boz's singleAnd finally, Tarkan's one time backing singer Murat Boz, who appeared in a small cameo on Tarkan's latest music video, seems to have indirectly confirmed the news that Shakira and Tarkan have performed a duet together. The duet, reported here previously, is rumoured to be for the soundtrack to a Latin TV series. Turkish newspapers have reported the name of the song as "A Little Close to You".

In the interview singer Boz said that through Tarkan he had managed to work with many artists, "one of the most recent and important being Shakira".

Boz has featured on the girl band Hepsi's song "Yalan", and has recently released a single written by Nil Karaibrahimgil - the girl who had starred with Tarkan in a string of commericals for GSM operator Turkcell's Hazır Kart prepaid service.

Boz is scheduled to release an album, with a song by Tarkan in the tracklist, towards the end of the year.

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