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Monday, August 04, 2008

A Weekend in the Papers

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Weekend entertainment supplements from the Turkish pressThe start of August saw an extreme image change for Tarkan as he released the re-issue of his 2007 album Metamorfoz and kick-started a series of summer concerts in Turkey sponsored by Doritos as part of his 2008 Metamorfoz Tour.

Now, in a brief look at how Tarkan has hit the headlines this past week in his home nation, Tarkan Deluxe brings its readers a summary of weekend entertainment supplements by Turkish newspapers Sabah and Hürriyet, which indicates that while the papers focus on Tarkan's new image and his latest live performances in Turkey, entertainment columnists are wondering whether Tarkan's extreme image change from covering up to stripping down will bring success.

August Brings New Image and Summer Shows

Sabah supplement GünaydinIn the entertainment supplements of the Friday papers last week, Tarkan made the front page of Sabah's Günaydın edition (1 August), including news from the international Tarkan fan community and in the columns of two reporters in respect to his latest image.

Female reporter Özlem Avcı's article on page 3 of Günaydın declares Tarkan "King of Internet" as it promotes and the team behind it, set to meet up at Tarkan's scheduled Harbiye show on 4 August. However, Avcı failed to cite even one website address correctly, and was also remiss not to mention such active Turkish forums as Tarkancoll and Megastarkan for their input to the fan community.

In the same edition, two Sabah columnists Yüksel Aytuğ and Şengül Balıksırtı - a faithful member of the anti-Tarkan lobby in the press - have put their thoughts to paper about Tarkan's latest dress sense, or, more accurately, the lack of it.

Balıksırtı, after making a quick mention about Tarkan's ex-girlfriend Bilge Öztürk to comment that Öztürk manages to lie low from the papatrazzi glare when she wants, declares that Tarkan's new image will get some getting used to after his "straight man" look. It seems to her photographer Koray Kasap modelled Tarkan's look on himself, which the female reporter concludes fits the photographer well but possibly not the star.

Aytuğ, on the other hand, takes an analytical view of the Turkish pop star's latest image, questioning whether such cosmetics will be enough to secure success.

Quoting a manager that has worked with various stars in the industry, Aytuğ comes to the decision that Tarkan is a brand name, and that he needs to market himself in this way alongside his music to generate the necessary interest.

The report comes to the conclusion that Tarkan's latest image will be a trendsetter in Istanbul in the days ahead, and that more people will listen to his new Metamorfoz remixes as a result, highlighting a cold truth about today's world of entertainment - that image is everything.

Onur Baştürk's column about Tarkan in Hürriyet supplement KelebekMeanwhile, Hürriyet's supplement Kelebek has columnist Onur Baştürk take up his pen to comment about Tarkan's new trend by returning to his previous articles on Tarkan's sexual style - claiming that the singer is once again a genuine object of desire.

In an often dismissive tone throughout the article however, Baştürk suggests that the image can't be done by photographs alone, and that the singer needs to put this new look into his up-coming shows.

And finally...

Saturday supplements for 2 AugustLast Saturday's entertainment supplements for Hürriyet and Sabah makes mention of Tarkan in passing, in regard to projects related and unrelated to the Turkish pop star.

Saturday's Sabah published an interview with Berna Öztürk - who became popularly known as Tarkan's sister-in-law - noting the absence of Tarkan in the report, while Hürriyet's Kelebek has an interview with recent prospective Grammy Award nominee Fahir Atakoğlu, who calls Tarkan "a wonderful singer".

Celebrating the lauded musician's 25th year in music, Tarkan contributed to Atakolğu's 2008 album with a stunning acoustic rendition of a song that silenced some critics who claimed towards the end of 2007 Tarkan was losing his voice, due to the heavy electronic usage in Metamorfoz.

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