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Friday, November 06, 2009

More Tarkan Press Headlines

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe presents another round-up of headlines in the Turkish press covering Tarkan over the past weeks:

Tarkan's Russian Ad Campaign Starts Soon

Tarkan is set to become the face of fresh citrus products exported from Turkey to RussiaTurkish paper Star has published an account of Tarkan's scheduled November trip to Russia, as the singer is set to become the face of fresh citrus products exported from Turkey to Russia for the Citrus Promotion Group, with commercials filmed by Turkish director Ezel Akay - which other reports say will begin to air on major Russian TV stations on 12 November.

The Star article published previously reported news that Tarkan has sung a Russian folk song in the commercials, while also adding that the recording artist has been praised in the Russian press as a singer "long loved in Russia".

The campaign will also host three Tarkan concerts scheduled in three major Russian cities this month.

Eurovision 2010 Updates

Newspaper Yeni Asır reported two days ago about the selection for a musical act to represent Turkey in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Norway, quoting Tarkan as saying that he would definitely not be taking part.

Rumours had hit the European headlines earlier this year that Tarkan would be entering the contest - which had been flatly denied by the artist's manager.

While according to other reports that write Tarkan came fourth in a poll run by news conglomerate NTVMSNBC asking ten thousand people in Turkey who should represent them in the politically polluted competition, Yeni Asır's article quotes Tarkan as saying the chosen entrant must get the public's support.

"Turkey must choose Turkey's entrant. There would be less criticism and it would be easier on [public broadcaster] the TRT. I will definitely not take part, but whoever is to represent Turkey needs to get the public's backing behind them," the artist has been quoted as saying, while adding that those taking part shouldn't be paid.

"Money should not be a consideration to represent Turkey."

"Tarkan Knows Best"

In an article published by paper Sabah, actress Sinemis Candemir - who co-starred and shared a controversial kiss with Tarkan in his video single to his track "Hüp" (Karma, 2001) - was asked about Tarkan's latest hairstyle.

Confessing that she didn't have contact with Tarkan, of his Mohawk quiff she said, "the most important thing is if he likes it. Irrelevant of what you or I say, his happiness is the important thing. That's why what we think doesn't really matter."

Buddy Ex-Girlfriend Shares Present Happiness

Celebrity gossip site Kral Magazine claims - in a twist to recent news stories quoting Tarkan's ex-girlfriend of seven years, lawyer and businesswoman Bilge Öztürk as saying they are of "different worlds now" - that Öztürk has introduced her new boyfriend to the artist.

Contradicting papers that have printed Öztürk as saying that Tarkan has "no place in her life", Kral Magazine quotes the successful businesswoman as saying she remains close friends with the singer.

"I still see Tarkan. We have succeeded in staying friends. I'm in a real great relationship at the moment. And I wanted to share my happiness with Tarkan," she is reported to have said.

"Where Do the Famous Shop?"

And finally, Turkish media portal Haberturk's sister site for variety news H2 has published a post claiming that Tarkan is a bargain scavenger that goes on the hunt for second-hand items in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district.

"If you think that Tarkan is constantly shopping at America's expensive stores you'd be sorely mistaken. He is a Beyoğlu scavenger ... When in Turkey the artist will almost certainly visit the back streets of Istanbul for shirts and trousers. He knows the second-hand stores real well," the article writes.

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