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Monday, April 12, 2010

Press Snippets: Alternatives to Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsThe Turkish press coverage surrounding Tarkan sees two variety reports touch upon the singer, while a columnist has once again given his reaction to soft drink giant Pepsi's Turkish arm dropping Tarkan from a planned 2 million dollar campaign (see left pic).

Turkish paper Akşam columnist Ali Saydam, in his 11 April dated piece, has once more written his criticism of Pepsi's decision to drop Tarkan from a planned ad campaign, reportedly after the singer was arrested last month in connection with an anti-drug sting.

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

With a TV actor replacing Tarkan in Pepsi's current ads circulating national TV stations, Akşam columnist Saydam thinks the soft drink giant made a mistake dumping the singer.

"After showing the word he couldn't handle his relationships with women like a man, all of Tiger Woods' sponsors dumped him apart from one ... Nike has made an amazing commercial with Woods. It's a commercial coup.

"Here in Turkey, Pepsi drops the country's biggest pop star Tarkan in one swift blow... while according to a survey by Ipsos KMG public trust in Tarkan has risen instead of fallen and results from a survey by Metropoll says he is still as popular as ever ...

"In his place they shake hands with Kenan İmirzalıoğlu. He is a popular TV and cinema star. But will you look at the situation he's found himself in? He going to be an alternative to Tarkan... He needs all the help he can get..." Saydam observes.

Meanwhile, a celebrity portal has two reports covering Tarkan - one which prints the previous news that US model Crystal Glidden is a fan of Tarkan, while the other is news of an alternative rock act covering a Tarkan song on their latest release said to be out this month.

According to the report, alternative rock band Ruj have covered the Yıldız Tilbe penned track "Kış Güneşi" (Winter Sun), from Tarkan's second album A-acayipsin (1994).

Tilbe, in response to a question about whether any celebrities had inspired her to write love songs, had replied that the lyrics to the 1994 song were written for Tarkan and his relationship with Jülyet Dilge - generally known in the press as Tarkan's first lover after finding fame.

In Other Reports

Elsewhere, female columnist Halime Gürbüz for paper Türkiye has mentioned Tarkan in her column, where she tackles the current paranoia over the Turkish government listening to the public's phone conversations, after a spate of high profile arrests over drug trafficking and match-fixing in Turkey.

Equating those on the other end of phone taps as nosey neighbours listening in to our every move, Gürbüz suggests that the public shouldn't care if they have nothing to worry about and she satirises those who have become too suspicious over the issue.

To put over the point that it's not worth worrying about things you can't do anything about, she provides a strange concoction for those wishing to find out if they are being listened to or not in her article.

"To understand if your phone is being tapped do this; half fill a large pan with water. Put in 100 grams of nettles and fifty grams of eye of newt. When the sun is at noon height put one foot in the water, with the other facing up. Then punch 9 on your mobile phone.

"Do this and you'll find out who's listening in on you. You'll find out those listening to Tarkan, you'll even hear those that listen to your heart... And hey, don't be surprised if you even see the Smurfs!"

And finally, Tarkan critic Bilal Özcan writing for paper Bugün has spoken of his open admiration for male singer Ferhat Göçer - who recently replaced Tarkan as performer at the police force's 165th anniversary celebrations - by taking a dig at the megastar himself.

"Göçer brought a breath of fresh air to our pop music from being suffocated between Tarkan and Kenan Doğulu," he claims.

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