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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

News Snippets: Tarkan's Baby Bump

Posted by Hatice Soylu from Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish megastar Tarkan's baby announcement on social media hit a bump recently, with reactions from certain quarters making fun of the singer's joyful message.

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Some parodies were lighthearted, but some were spiteful - a point highlighted by female correspondent Asu Maro in her article for the Milliyet dated 12 February.

Maro describes the trolling as the country's "common denominator", where other people's happiness and sincerity is regarded with cynicism.

"I can't imagine what type of father figure we're used to, but our stomachs couldn't take Tarkan announcing his baby news in his own joyful, sweet and charming way. Should a man make eyes like that? Publicly show his joy in that way? A man should be restrained, rule with an iron fist, not smile so sweetly. Naturally, if he has a son he can show his joy by shooting a few rounds in the air, that's different."

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She goes on to attack the video trolling as homophobic, and shows her disgust for the crude reactions, saying they are not funny and certainly not as charming as Tarkan's announcement.

Maro says it reveals that although her country might be divided in so many other matters, they are united in their homophobia.

"Did Tarkan Make the Baby Alone?"

Elsewhere, the Hürriyet's team of celeb journos have criticised the video that has been subject to much buzz and imitation online.

The three entertainment correspondents are of the view that the video is very "ego-driven" as the announcement is given by Tarkan alone, without his wife, and is simply announcing his fatherhood. The two male correspondents found the video with Tarkan's close up unflattering to the megastar.

One of the Hürriyet correspondents also suggested that the video had been unnecessary. A photo with his wife and the caption "our family is growing" would have been sufficient.

"The Video is Unusual"

Turkish actress Zeynep Beşerler - who co-starred in Tarkan's video single to "Dudu" (Dudu, 2003) has also waded into the conversation. When asked about Tarkan's video, she said she found it different.

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Currently resting in between projects, a mother of one, Beşerler said in response to questions about the announcement that she found it "unusual".

"But it was an announcement unique to Tarkan. It couldn't have been done in a normal way," she said, while adding she had no plans for a second child.

More Baby News Rumours

In other stories about Tarkan's imminent fatherhood, the rumours are that Tarkan's wife is three months pregnant to a girl, and that the family are planning to give birth to the baby in Germany - and not America as first rumoured.

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As both Tarkan and his wife were born in Germany, it seems reasonable to assume that the child would be born there, while TV shows and online gossip columns have been filled with claims that Tarkan is going to have a little girl.

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