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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Press Snippets: Gathering the Gossip

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportAs Tarkan Deluxe takes its customary look at the news coverage of the Turkish press on recording artist Tarkan, first up is Kadir Kaymakçı's article for media portal Haberturk (see left pic).

In his 4 May dated piece, Kaymakçı has complied a list of Turkish pop music's worst songs, with Tarkan's début song "Kıl Oldum Abi" (Yine Sensiz, 1992) making it at number ten.

Elsewhere, while American-Turkish online shopping store Tulumba sees Tarkan's 2008 reissue of Metamorfoz continue to sit in its top sellers list two years after it was first released, regional online news portal Bolu Gündem writer Ismail Arman in his 4 May post has mentioned Tarkan while taking a gripe at the rude attitude of some sporting celebrities recently down in the area.

"We've even had the King of Pop Tarkan down here ... so who do they think they are? I wish I could say it was all a bad dream," Arman writes.

Tarkan had appeared at the 2nd annual Bolu White Meat Festival in 2008, where Turkish news wires had published that the singer had performed to a crowd of 100,000 people.

In the Gossip Columns

Screencap of reportsMeanwhile,taking a look at the recent titbits of gossip and speculations doing the rounds about Tarkan highlights the active imagination of the press and forums at work (see left pic).

As the buzz begins to grow around rumours of a Tarkan show at this year's music station Kral VMAs, paper Akşam has printed media portal's Haberturk's report that Mustafa Sandal has dropped out of the ceremony, too.

Having released an album last year, Sandal had been a contender for this year's "Best Male Artist", but pulled out of the running citing Turkish film obligations in New York would mean keeping him away from attending the ceremony.

Kral TV VMAs will be aired live on 17 May 2010
New site has been opened for the 16th Kral TV VMAs, which will be aired live on 17 May - but will Tarkan show up?
Following Tarkan's lead - who had refused a nomination for the MTV Europe VMAs in 2008 - Sandal said he wanted to give newcomers an opportunity for the prize, although the reports suggest the real reason he backed out is because Tarkan's company HITT is helping to organise the event.

The report claims that Sandal stated to close aides he had "no chance of winning an award" in anything Tarkan was involved in, even though neither Tarkan nor his company is involved with the voting procedures for that evening.

Moving on, forums have begun to repost gossip about Tarkan's 2010 album as the unofficial countdown begins for its release.

One forum post - gathering together all the past rumours of a new Tarkan release - lays down the claim that the new album will be called "Aşk Kapımda" ("Love is at My Door"). This was a previous claim made way back in December 2009.

Having also tweeted the "news", the forum post holds previous rumours that the new album will consist of 15 songs, three by Turkish diva Sezen Aksu and two from singer-songwriter Yıldız Tilbe, with the other tracks from Tarkan's own pen, including lyrics by late lyricist Aysel Gürel, which had reportedly been discovered after her death.

Next up, there is the completely unfounded claim by gossip portal Habershow that a reader emailed them to notify them that Tarkan had been spotted on a motorbike getting ready to trek around Turkey's Aegean provinces to shake off his recent drug ordeal - even though official sources reassure that Tarkan is in Istanbul working through the final stage of his 2010 album in the recording studios.

And finally, there is a piece in Güneş under the signature of Ismail Bayrak that claims ex-model Nil Özalp - a new singer who has been linked romantically to Tarkan - has now turned her attention to Serdar Ortaç.

Bayrak claims Özalp was spotted out clubbing with Ortaç, suggesting it means she has "changed her direction" from Tarkan to Ortaç.

Özalp had collaborated with both pop stars for her début album.

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