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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Backlog [Part Two]

For Part One of this post, click here.

My Backlog List [Part Two]

Tarkan and Turkish Music Projects
Some fans are not very pleased with Tarkan's excursion into the English mainstream of pop and would prefer him to return to his natural territory of Turkish pop.

Subsequently, I've had four or five mails from different people asking me for a news update about Tarkan's Turkish music projects. Rumours of certain projects had surfaced while some of the pop singer's English language songs were being leaked to the Net.

The "Kudurmuyorum" Album and the "Deniz" Song
Alongside a stolen demo version of Tarkan's 'I Wanna hear Love Speak' (Shhh) being distributed by music sharing platforms, news had also appeared about a Turkish album called 'Kudurmuyorum', the first single of which was reportedly a song called 'Deniz'.

However, as I reported these 'news' events, I did warn of their dubious source and likelihood that they were unverified and would possibly remain so.

The TV reported its share of rumours also. News aired on Turkish Music Channel MMC, which I'd posted with a little tongue-in-cheek, 'revealed' that Tarkan had fallen ill while supposedly shooting the music video for the song "Deniz".

These projects might have some truth in them, and in the future we may hear of them again, but it is unlikely that Tarkan would be concentrating on anything but his English songs for the near future.

There were even rumours that the English single would be entitled "Locomotive", but everyone knows now that was not true.

We will all wait and see what the future brings. But any Tarkan fan that has spent some time on the Net will know that there is a lot of Tarkan 'news' to find, but very little of it is actually based on fact.

In the fiasco I was even accused by some fans of trying to mislead and trick them and was given advice on how to report the news correctly!

As misguided as that criticism was, its purpose is an authentic one. That is why on my blog I try to utilise news sources that are trustworthy. Readers can get very confused with all the buzz there is on Tarkan across the cyberwaves, especially those for whom English or Turkish is not a first language.

It can be difficult sometimes, but I try to select the real news from that buzz.

Kara Gözler and Yeni Yıl Songs
Natalie from Brighton, UK has emailed me about the songs "Kara Gözler" and "Yeni Yıl" that she has downloaded from the Net. She wants to get some information about them and whether I have translated their lyrics into English.

I have posted about "Kara Gözler" before. You can read about the song here. My English translation to the lyrics can be found here.

You can find information and an English translation to the song "Yeni Yıl" here. There is a good MP3 burn of this song available. However, if you have an inferior WMA file, then the version you have is probably the one that I gave to Marleen van Woensal, and she distributed it to others.

The first few seconds of the song are missing. It was playing on the radio and I just happened to record it on audio tape. This affected the quality of the recording also.

Arguably audio tapes are almost today, but it was 1997 when I recorded it. Plus when I transferred the song from tape on to my PC to give to Marleen a few years back, I did not have the equipment I have now. So if you are getting a very rough play, this is the reason. I suggest you ask around for the superior MP3 version.

If anyone is wondering how the above fits in with my principles about distributing music - firstly I didn't publicly distribute it, I shared it with one person only. Secondly, the song "Yeni Yıl" has never been officially released anywhere and is not purchasable through normal means.

Turkish Classical Songs
Fans may also find various other songs sung by Tarkan being shared over the Net that are not on his official releases.

The songs I am going to mention below should not be confused with official releases of collaborations between Tarkan and Pınar Sağ - Tarkan and Nazan Öncel on their albums, where he has lent his vocals and sung in parts.

This is because the songs I mention below are not folk songs and do not remotely sound like Turkish pop music.

They are Turkish classical pieces.

Generally sung live, these recordings being downloaded from various Net resources will have been ripped and distributed by fans simply for more things to listen to, and to be honest these are my favourite pieces.

The only Turkish classical piece released on CD has been the 1998 duet with Müzeyyen Senar, "Benzemez Kimse Sana" (There Is None Like You).

UPDATE: Tarkan covers classical song for tribute album (2008) >>

Tarkan and Hulya AvsarThe other songs were sung either for special events such as New Year and aired on TV as in "Dönülmez Akşamın Ufkundayız" (We Are On The Horizon Of A Dying Night), at talk shows namely the Hülya Avşar Show where he sang a duet with the host (see left pic) to the song "Duydum ki Unutmuşsun" (I Heard You'd Forgotten), or at concerts that he gave or participated in.

Two of the most notable concerts include New Year 1995, which Tarkan gave as a PR-spin to win the Turkish public's affection back after his "I wanna pee" jibe, and on July 4 this summer where he made a guest appearance at Avea's Ahmet Özhan and Emel Sayın concert.

After appearing at this concert, he said to reporters that he wanted to make an album in the genre of Turkish classical music. Personally that, and an officially released Sezen Aksu duet, is something I've been wanting for years.

UPDATE: Tarkan releases long awaited classical album (2016) >>

Back to my list

Tarkan's Management
A singer called Rania, from has written to me stating:

Ali I like your web page so much. My name is Rania and I am a Greek singer. I am a fan of Tarkan 2 years and I like his voice and music a lot. I ask you for something: in which e-mail address I can write to Tarkan directly can you tell me please? I will be so happy if you give me an answer.

The only information I have is the information that you can find on the Net or on Tarkan's official music releases. I have posted about this before and you can read it here.

There is also a message board at the City of Istanbul's official site but whether he would see it or reply to it I cannot say.

Finally, you can also try Marleen's Yahoo! group. I know that she used to have connections, and I am sure if she has the time she'll only be too glad to help you.

A Heartfelt Thank You
Selam Ali!!! You do not know me, but I am Ahmet from Bosnia...I find this blog that you have made - and wanted to say thank you very much for this GREAT blog! It has very many informations and it is very updated!!!! I read Tarkan's lyric translations since I do not unfortunately understand, but thanks to you now I understand!!! THANK YOU MAN! RESPECT!


And on that note, Happy New Year to Ahmet and to all whom have taken time out to send me such positive messages throughout the year. Thank you.

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